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> IC
> Area 11
> Age is a secret, but definitely over 18
> from 2017 a.t.b. / 1962 A.D.

> School: Fortitude
> No memories regained

> Application
> Background
> World history

> Narva/Kira
> Contact: Plurk or PM or AIM: janteslaw
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A. Phone: English and then he repeats his words in Russian

I would like to speak to someone from at least 1950, best 2000 or later, about history. My questions will not be hard to answer. We can meet over some cake and tea, or dinner if you'd prefer.

B. Action

[Russia is walking around town with a boy who is excitedly chattering away about all kinds of things - in a way that absolutely gives the child away as a drone. They will walk to the store, then drop by the bakery, the flower shop, and then return home.]

...and then Tony said that his Dad is stronger than you, but of course you are way stronger than him. And his Dad is weird anyway.

That is a silly thing to say.

No, no, it is true!


[later in the afternoon, Russia will make private calls to Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. This "prom" thing needs some ...preparation on his part, yes?]


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>Anon on
>IP-logging off
>Comments screened

Please be civil and give constructive criticism. "Latvia seems off because he should talk more about pink elephants" is more useful than "U SUCK DROP ALREADY" and much more likely to get a point across.
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Name: kira/narva
Journal: narva
Contact information: janteslaw
Other characters: Latvia
Do you need an invite code? No


Name: Area 11 | Kiku Honda
Age: IT IS A SECRET but definitely over 18.
Subject taught: Social studies
Canon: Code Geass and Axis Powers Hetalia
Canon point:

11 is in a lot of ways someone whom you would forget about at a dinner party. He is calm, friendly and (overly) polite, speaks rather quietly and is fond of trying to not attract too much attention. When he insults someone, it is usually in a way indirect enough to require a doubletake to even notice it. He also isn't an extremely social person; while he isn't bad with people at all and good at counterbalancing other nations' contradicting interests to his advantage, he prefers 2D ineractions because he can have them alone in his room...

Which is currently in Britannia's house, and that is one of the main reasons for the difference between our Japan and Area 11. He has been an area for a while now, and while not broken, has adapted to it: General disdain for his much younger occupier and her manners and actions as well as general evasiveness (he was good at that anyway) are how he usually deals with Britannia. He knows that he isn't strong enough to shake her off right now and will usually try to stay cautiously neutral. There are moments when his pride flares up (though he is usually restrained enough to control those feelings and not get into trouble through them) as well as moments when he makes sure that Britannia likes him at least a little bit (this was how he introduced her to egoshooters and other computer games).

The other important difference stems from this Japan having been a lot more independent and a strongly neutral minor power for a long time before he got invaded. He had no America that he got alternately forced to open up and sign inequal treaties and supported by. And he hasn't had a monarchy in ages. The difference in history means on the one side that his relationship with China and Korea is a lot less strained (the wars in question did not happen) and on the other side he has pretty much no close ties with any other nations - which really does not bother his hikkomori self very much.

Name: Soul of Japan

Form: A long, elegant katana, with a white sheat and red hilt.

  • Wind: The original kami (no) kaze
  • Confusion
  • Durability
  • Light
  • Water

Lost memories:
  • 1 - what sakuradite is
  • 2 - the last name "Kururugi"
  • 3 - what the Hinomaru flag looks like
  • 4 - Pocchi
  • 5 - that his alcohol tolerance is low
  • 6 - odango
  • 7 - how many times you have to clap when praying
  • 8 - his age
  • 9 - the meanings of blood types
  • 10 - the Britannian anthem



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Area 11

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